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Beach Time Vacation Rentals Home Owners

Beach Time Vacation Rental Property ManagementOverview:

Deciding who to trust with your gulf coast investment  is not an easy decision. As an owner you must balance the desires of you and your family against the need to maximize your return on investment.  You must be assured that your management company will generate a strong inflow of cash to your property while at the same time protecting your considerable investment.  As an absentee owner you must demand that your management company be professional in all duties and strive to maintain the asset for you and for future generations.

Management Fees

Beach Time Vacation Rentals(BTVR) understands that maximum expose of your asset to the greatest number of potential vacationers’, will over time,  produce a high occupancy rate and greater profits.  Other factors do influence profits but without a saturation rate you will fail to reach your assets full potential.  Please   for further details. 


Beach Time Vacation Rentals (BTVR) understands that technology is the engine that drives a successful vacation rental program. To that end we strive to utilize the most up to date advances in vacation rental software.  Our integrated system links our web site to our management software, customers to available rentals and owners to their properties.  Every detail from reservations, availability, rates, accounting, housekeeping, maintenance, and statistical analysis is seamless within this framework. This allows greater efficiencies both in our interaction with the vacationer but also with our property owners which results in greater profitability.


Beach Time Vacation Rentals (BTVR) understands that in today’s market the internet is the tool used most in searching for and booking a vacation rental. Our web site is designed to reach as many unique visitors as possible. Maximizing this number, coupled with a web site that is easily used by visitors,results in increased rentals and by extension increased profits. Our web designers are seasoned professionals with a proven track record of implementing  SEM (search engine marketing) plans and evolving that plan to an ever changing market place.  

Our marketing mix is not only based on and around our web site but incorporates a wide range of other venues. BTVR produces a monthly e-mail newsletter to our extensive  renter base so that your unit stays in front of the renter. We produce a weekly video blog, about a minute long, that covers the weather, the area and a wide range of items that will sell The Forgotten Coast to the vacationing public. BTVR is also on Facebook and Twitter. Our print media budget includes ads in publications across the area and the southeast. With today’s internet,  print media does not have the coverage that it once did,  but we do not intend to leave this small part of the market to our competitors.

Property Maintenance

Your property must be maintained in excellent shape to maximize your return on investment. We are on call 24-7 to handle emergency issues and can also perform scheduled maintenance items.  We will change your air filters once a month, replace burned out light bulbs(specialty lighting not included).  

House Keeping

Of  all aspects of renting your vacation home,the one item that can cause the most problems or can help secure the most repeat business is the quality of the house cleaning.  We will provide trained and insured cleaning crews and then will perform random inspections of the quality of their work. Because of the short time period between check-out and check-in the crews must be trained and provided with the necessary equipment to perform their job in a timely manner. Twice a year we will schedule an extended cleaning to ready your home for the busy vacation season and then in the early fall to get your home ready for fall and winter. You cannot underestimate the value of  housekeeping, we only have one time to make a good first impression.


Beach Time Vacation Rentals will provide to owners accurate and detail accounting statements each month. Statements will be available by the 15th of each month and will include all necessary accounting information the owner will need to evaluate the performance of his rental program.  These figures will also include year to date accountings and a detailed accounting of revenues and expenses. 

The Team

Owners Jerry and Dianne Hart are have owned vacation properties on Cape San Blas and in Chicago for over 9 years. Having been very successful as absentee owners by partnering with vacation rental mangers and taking an active role in the booking function they bring a unique perspective to vacation rentals.  Jerry is a licensed real estate agent in the State of Florida and Alabama, and holds an MBA from the University of Alabama. Dianne, a graduate of the University of Alabama-Birmingham with a degree in accounting  is a former shareholder in the CPA firm of Barfield, Murphy, Shank and Smith.

Contact Us

We can be reached by phone: 850-270-7736, e-mail or by mail at P.O. Box 928, Port St. Joe, Florida, 32457.

If you have issues with your property, contact Beach Time Vacation Rentals and we will provide you with an honest and direct evaluation.  We only want your business if we are able to offer you better service and greater return on your investment.

Beach Time Vacation Rentals, LLC P.O. Box 928 Port St Joe, FL 32457 +1 (850) 270-7736

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